1.5. The BOOM RepositoryΒΆ

The BOOM repository holds the source code to the BOOM core; it is not a full processor and thus is NOT A SELF-RUNNING repository. To instantiate a BOOM core, the Rocket-Chip generator found in the rocket-chip git repository must be used https://github.com/freechipsproject/rocket-chip, which provides the caches, uncore, and other needed infrastructure to support a full processor.

The BOOM core source code can be found in boom/src/main/scala.

The core code structure is shown below:

  • boom/src/main/scala/
    • bpu/ - branch predictor unit
    • common/ - configs, bundles, and tile definitions
    • exu/ - execute/core unit
    • ifu/ - instruction fetch unit
    • lsu/ - load/store/memory unit
    • system/ - non-core system-level infrastructure
    • util/ - utilities